Provillus – The Popular Hair Loss Prevention Formula

Provillus is a highly effective treatment when it comes to helping hair-loss issues for both men and women, and below we will look at some of the reasons why, but first let us understand what causes hair loss

What causes hair loss?


What causes hair loss ?

There are many reasons you can suffer permanent hair loss such as family genes, alopecia, cancer and thyroid disease.

These conditions are extremely serious, and you will find that supplements will not help. However, you will also find that many of us suffer from temporary hair loss.

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Temporary hair loss can be caused by such things as a poor diet, unhappiness, anxiety and stress, and while it is possible to do something quite quickly about correcting your diet such things as being unhappy or anxious can lead to stress.

It is known that the more stress you are under the bigger chance of hair loss, and while it would be foolish to suggest you should not get stressed you should do your best to understand what it is that is causing your problem.

We all know that life is full of stresses, and major events such as the death of someone close to you, or if you are having a difficult time in a relationship make such stress hard to avoid.

Do your best to stay as calm as possible, and if possible try and find someone you can confide in, and talk through your issues.

Set yourself daily goals, but don’t get too upset if you do not meet them fully. The key to overcoming stress is flexibility, and by taking this approach things should come together.

If you do find that your hair is thinning then you should consider the use of Provillus to help you re-grow healthy hair. Let us have a look at what this formula is and what it contains:

What is this hair regrowth product?

One of its main ingredients is Minoxidil which is FDA approved.

Although this ingredient was originally used to treat patients with high blood pressure it was quickly found to be highly effective when it came to increasing hair growth.

It is now an approved hair growth stimulant used in many such products.

You will find that this topical gel should be applied once in the morning and once at night for you to get maximum benefits, and the benefits do not stop there!

Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto

It also contains a mix of herbs which will help to give your body additional nutrition, and this in turn should help to prevent any further hair loss.

One of the important herbs included is Saw Palmetto, as it is known to be one of the most effective herbs for blocking the DHT chemical in your scalp. DHT binds to your hair follicles and stops their growth, so it is important to reduce the amounts in your body.


It goes without saying that hair loss in both men and women can be a source of great concern and worry, and as well as affecting your confidence it can also be detrimental to your appearance.

If you are looking at a safe and effective way to resolve such problems, and re-grow healthy hair then you really should be considering Provillus the highly effective hair-loss formula.

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